"Die Kunst ist zurück"

Neueröffnung der Hamburger Kunsthalle im April und Mai 2016

ensemble resonanz

Photos of a Hamburg-based chamber-orchestra


Humans in the cities and me on the tracks

Tagung und Podium

Conference and podium

Hamburger Kunsthalle

Reopening of the Hamburger art-gallery 2016

9 Frauen

9 woman I met in Georgia in 2011 and 2014


A day in the editorial-staff of a newsroom

Film und Musik

Moving pictures with children and adults entering different stages

Klub Katarakt

International Festival for Experimental Music

arte - PK

P-C of the German-French television-friendship

Gondeln in Tschiatura

Mobility in a small Georgian town


Russian cars in parts of the Caucasus

Istanbul Animals

The dog at the burning hotel

Freie Arbeiten

Gifts from eastern europe